Full-Service Center and Veterinarian in Millersville

Taking a pet to the veterinarian (vet) is stressful, costly, and time-consuming. Taking the pet to the groomers, specialist, or animal hospital also takes up a great deal of time. Some pets do not enjoy riding in a vehicle, are almost impossible to lure into a carrier, and will need to be bribed to get out of the car. Pet owners can save time by finding a veterinarian in Millersville that provides full services.

Getting Everything Done at Once

Pets can be examined, treated, have dental work done, and be groomed all at the same place. Daycare and boarding are also available. The latest technology is utilized for basic care, diagnostic purposes, and emergency services. A laboratory is on premises for fast blood work results, and advanced surgery equipment helps save lives. The facility also includes an intensive care unit (ICU) for extreme cases.

The Best

Owners and families that include furry friends want the best for their pets. High-quality and experienced care makes a substantial difference in the health and happiness of the pet and by extension, the entire family. Waiting a week to get blood work results, traveling to a specialist for tests, and having the animal transported to a surgical facility will not due for most owners.

They want the pet close, well taken care of, and able to get any type of medical help needed as soon as possible. The veterinarian in Millersville is equipped to provide full services under the safest conditions. It is a one-stop shop for the needs and care of your pet. Exotic pets are welcome, and staff is trained to know what they need. Climate controlled rooms, spacious cages, and containers, and the right food is on hand to accommodate birds and reptiles.


Some of the advanced equipment available includes digital x-ray machines, dental extraction tools that minimize pain and expedite the procedure, and diagnostic machinery. This up-to-date center is efficient, able to detect the exact problem and take appropriate care to remedy the situation. The pet does not have to be moved from place to place to get the right care fast. Pet owners can visit the website to discover complete capabilities and make an appointment.

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