From Peeling Fruit To Adding Sugar When You Make Your Own Mayhaw Jelly

When you make biscuits or you want to add a sweet treat to a piece of bread, you might reach for a jar of jelly. An option available that is sweet and full of flavor is Mayhaw jelly Macon GA stores offer. If you want to make your own, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you have the best flavors and consistency for your jelly.

Preparing Your Fruit

Whether you purchase Mayhaw jelly Macon GA stores sell to customers or you make your own, the fruit is cleaned before the jelly is made. The stems are removed from the top of the fruit before each piece is peeled. This will prevent any odd textures from being found in the jelly or any hard pieces that might make it difficult for spreading or eating the treat.

Making Juice

Before you make your jelly, you’re going to make a batch of juice that will then be added to your sugar and pectin. The fruit that you have peeled will be crushed in a pot with enough water added to cover the fruit. Let this boil until it has reached a liquid consistency.

Jelly Preparations

Once your juice is ready, you can pour it into another large pot. When it reaches a boil, you can then add a small amount of pectin and sugar. The pectin will begin to turn the juice into a thicker consistency that will then result in your jelly. Mayhaw berries often have a tart flavor, so you might want to add a bit more sugar to reach the taste that you want unless you enjoy a tart treat. Most stores that sell this type of jelly often include more sugar so that the product is sweeter while still maintaining as many of the natural flavors of the berries as possible.

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