From Paws To Claws

There are many reasons why you should invest in a waste dumpster in Asheville, NC, that has a closed lid and can be secured as needed. This simple setup will make sure your trash doesn’t end up all over the yard. Keeping out all those neighborhood pests and pets that might want to nibble on last night’s dinner. It’s definitely no fun walking out in the morning only to find trash everywhere. Then, you have to spend the next few minutes picking it all back up. There are so many sensible reasons to rent or buy a waste dumpster today.

Keep Those Critters Out

An effective waste dumpster in Asheville, NC, will be able to keep out any opportunistic wildlife that might come pay a visit in the night. A dumpster with a secure and locked lid will make it difficult for raccoons to dump your bins and root around your trash. Larger nuisance animals like bears are always on the search for food, but, like anyone, they would rather have something easy to get. Make it difficult for them to find food, and this will discourage them from coming back.

Keep That Trash In

A waste dumpster is a wise investment if you live in or around Asheville, NC. Nature is not a forgiving force. So, keeping your trash and rubbish secured during storms will alleviate any possible cleanup. Having a lid will keep out all the rain and will be one less place for mosquitos to grow.

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