Frequently Asked Questions For A Banquet Hall Rental In Campbell, CA

In California, banquet halls are a spectacular choice for weddings and special events. The venues that provide these options have rooms that range from small to grand in size. Event planners wishing to secure them start by remitting a deposit. The following is frequently asked questions about a banquet hall rental in Campbell CA.

What are the Standard Deposit Requirements?

The standard deposit requirement is twenty-five percent of the total rental fee. The venue requires at least half of the total fees by sixty days prior to the event. The remaining balance must be paid within thirty days after the event occurs.

Are On-Site Catering Services Available?

Yes, catering services are available through the venue. However, they are an entirely separate service. They aren’t included in the venue rental package. The planner securing the venue must make these arrangements with the on-site catering services before the event. The planner may secure catering services off-site if they prefer.

When is Access Granted to Vendors for the Venue?

Vendors delivering items for the event don’t gain access to the venue until four hours prior to the start of the event. The event planner makes arrangements for these deliveries with their respective vendors. It is recommended that planners schedule the delivery of cakes at a time closer to the start of their event.

Are All Banquet Rooms Private?

Yes, all banquet rooms are private. The staff follows steps to prevent disruptions from parties who are attending separate events in the building. The planner has access to additional assistance if necessary to prevent these disturbances. They have the right to use their own security staff if they prefer.

What is the Total Number of Guests Accommodated by Tables and Does the Venue Provide Linens?

The standard table designs accommodate up to eight people. The total number of attendees is needed to calculate the volume of tables required. The venue provides linens for each table according to the event planner’s preferences. They do not provide centerpieces for events. The planner makes alternative arrangements for these deliveries.

In California, event planners secure banquet halls for weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. They work with vendors to create amazing designs that are accommodated by these venues. They secure the venue by submitting deposits and coordinating with the staff. Event planners who need a banquet hall rental in Campbell CA contact Corinthian Grand Ballroom today.

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