Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters In Oxford MI

When an individual doesn’t have any hot water running through their faucets or if their tap water is discolored, the cause is usually a malfunctioning water heater. To discover the problem with the water heater, individuals should contact a Water Heaters Oxford MI area company. Read these frequently asked questions to learn more information about water heater repair and installation.

Q.) What causes rust colored water to run out of the hot water faucet?

A.) Hard water contains sediment that can corrode the inside of the water heater tank. During the manufacturing process, an anode rod is placed inside the water heater tank. Instead of attacking and corroding the tank, the sediment eats away at the anode rod. When the sediment completely destroys the anode rod, it begins to erode the inside of the tank, and this causes the water inside the tank to become rusty. This same water runs through the water pipes whenever the hot faucet is turned on.

Q.) What is wrong with the water heater when it doesn’t produce any hot water?

A.) If there’s water running through the faucet, but it doesn’t get hot, this is normally caused by a faulty heating element inside the water heater. After a technician replaces the element, the water heater will begin heating up the water again. When individuals have some hot water but it runs out quickly, this is often due to a water heater that’s getting old. The homeowner might also need to install a larger water heater inside the house if there are more people living in the home. Replacing a small water heater with a larger one that’s more energy efficient will keep plenty of hot water inside the house, and the hot water will last longer. For an inspection of the water heater or to install a new one, individuals should call an experienced Water Heaters Oxford MI area company.

Homeowners who need repairs performed on their water heater should contact the professionals at Royal Oak Heating & Cooling. This company provides professional repairs and installation of water heaters for their customers in and around the Oxford area. Visit their website at to learn more information about this business and to contact them for a free estimate.

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