Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control In Manhattan

One of the problems that homeowners often worry about is termites invading their home. To prevent these damaging insects from destroying a house, homeowners should learn all they can about preventing a termite infestation. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn valuable information about Termite control in Manhattan.

How is it possible for termites to get inside a home?

Termites live in the soil and they often travel into crawlspaces underneath the house. Once there, they enter the house through tiny cracks in the slab foundation or they get into the house through openings around pipes.

Termites will also climb up exterior siding that touches the soil. Windows and doors that have gaps or cracks is another way that termites get into the house. Homeowners may also discover entry points for termites in the attic, if there aren’t any screens on the vents.

Can termites travel to a neighboring house and cause an infestation?

When a neighbor has a termite infestation inside their home, it’s very worrisome for the people next door. Termites often travel underground from one house to another house that’s in close proximity. Once there, they begin feeding on the wooden structures inside the house.

When a neighbor has a termite infestation, it’s wise for homeowners to contact a company that provides preventive Termite control in Manhattan. A termite control professional can inspect the premises and check for existing termites and then discuss the various control options with the homeowner.

What are some other steps that homeowners can take to prevent a termite infestation?

In addition to preventive measures, homeowners can keep termites away by blocking all termite entryways into the home. This includes sealing foundation cracks, caulking windows and doors and installing vent screens in the attic.

To make a home less attractive to termites, homeowners should also repair any water leaks because termites must have moisture to live. Firewood and mulch should never be placed close to the foundation of the house and homeowners should immediately remove rotten tree stumps that are in their yard.

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