Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Removal In Minneapolis For Your Business

When you own a business, customer and employee safety is a priority. This is especially true during the winter months when there’s snow or ice on the ground. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn how you can keep your premises safe and how a company that specializes in Snow Removal in Minneapolis can help.

Q.) What steps are necessary to keep employees and customers safe during snowy weather?

A.) If the snow is headed your way, watch updated weather reports so that you can properly prepare for a winter snowstorm. Before employees and customers arrive at your business, sprinkle rock salt on the side walks that lead to the entrance. Place non-slip rugs right inside the entrance door so customers can wipe off their wet shoes as soon as they enter your business. Place warning signs at entrance doors to caution customers about wet floors. Frequently check the floor in front of the door and mop up any snow, water or mud. If it continues to snow throughout the day, keep the snow shoveled off the side walks and apply additional rock salt.

Q.) What are some tips for clearing a parking lot that’s covered in snow?

A.) Clear your parking lot in the morning before employees and customers arrive at your place of business. When clearing your lot, pile the snow in an area where it can drain away from your parking lot when it begins to melt. If the snow melts on your parking lot and the temperature dips below freezing, you’ll have a large sheet of ice covering your lot. After you remove the snow, sprinkle sand on the parking lot to make it easier and safer for customers to walk. If you’d rather not clear the parking lot yourself, contact a professional company that specializes in Snow Removal in Minneapolis. When you hire an experienced company to do the job, your parking lot will be safe for your employees and customers when they arrive at your store.

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