Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Surgery In Colorado Springs CO?

There are many different reasons why individuals must have oral surgery, such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, for the placement of dental implants and to remove oral cysts. Many people who are required to have oral surgery are anxious about their upcoming procedure because they don’t know what to expect. Individuals can read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs CO.

What must individuals do to prepare for oral surgery?

Individuals who will be given anesthesia before their surgery must not eat or drink past a certain time the night before their surgery. Patients must have someone accompany them to the surgery center so they can drive the patient home after surgery.

Patients are often groggy for several hours after their surgery so it’s a good idea to make arrangements beforehand to have someone stay with and assist the patient for the remainder of the day. Before the day of the surgery, oral surgeons give their patients a list of things they should and shouldn’t do prior to their surgery.

Is it possible for individuals to eat the same day of their oral surgery?

Individuals who have oral surgery can eat later in the day after their procedure, but they should only eat certain kinds of foods. Patients should only eat soft foods that are warm or at room temperature. Foods that are too hot or too cold could possibly cause more pain at the surgery site.
Pudding, applesauce and gelatin are the types of foods that should be eaten after the surgery. Foods that are hard and crunchy must be avoided for several days following the procedure.

How long will it take before the healing process is complete after having oral surgery?

The healing process after oral surgery is different for everyone and this also depends on the type of surgery that was performed. Patients are encouraged to rest and avoid any type of strenuous activity for two or three days after Oral Surgery in Colorado Springs CO. Individuals can speak with their oral surgeon about the approximate healing time after their surgery.

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