Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Maintenance Services

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Fireplaces

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Many home owners enjoy the comfort, affordability, and ease of use of a gas fireplace. To keep a gas fireplace working properly and to make sure that it’s safe to use, home owners should contact an experienced company for Fireplace Maintenance Services. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about a maintenance check and why it’s important to have this service done by a professional.

Q.) What does a professional do when performing a gas fireplace maintenance check?

A.) A certified technician thoroughly inspects all the components of a gas fireplace during a maintenance check. This includes an inspection of the vents, chimney, burner, and fireplace logs. When checking the vents, the technician looks for obstructions that could cause carbon monoxide to leak into the home. The chimney is also inspected for clogs, such as leaves and bird nests, that may be inside the chimney. When inspecting the burner, the technician cleans off any debris that has settled on the burner to keep it running properly. Finally, the technician will examine the fireplace logs and wipe off any dust or spider webs. The technician also inspects the logs for cracks or fractures that could be dangerous.

Q.) What can home owners do to help keep their gas fireplaces working properly?

A.) To keep a gas fireplace working efficiently, a home owner can perform simple maintenance tasks between maintenance checks. A home owner should periodically examine the logs to make sure they haven’t become damaged. A home owner should take note of any unusual smells, such as burnt wires, coming from the fireplace. A regular dusting of the fireplace will also help the fireplace run more efficiently.

Q.) What are some safety precautions to take when using a gas fireplace?

A.) If a home owner notices any problems with the fireplace, a qualified technician that performs Fireplace Maintenance Services should be called as soon as possible. It’s also important to schedule a yearly maintenance check with a certified company. Home owners should install carbon monoxide detectors in the home near the fireplace and in each bedroom.

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