Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants In Annapolis

When individuals have a missing tooth, they often fear that they will have to spend the rest of their life with a large space between their teeth. Individuals who are unhappy about their missing tooth should speak with a dentist about Dental Implants in Annapolis. This type of tooth replacement is permanent and individuals will be relieved that they have a replacement tooth. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth.

Will other people be able to tell that the dental implant isn’t a real tooth?

When the procedure is finished, the dental implant will look exactly like a natural tooth. The crown, which is the part of the implant that acts as the tooth, will be carefully fabricated to look just like the other teeth in a person’s mouth. The color will also be matched to the natural teeth so that no one will be able to tell that it’s not real.

Is it awkward when eating or speaking with a dental implant?

Once the dental implant has fully healed, individuals can eat just like normal and the implant will not affect their speaking. Unlike dentures that can move around in the mouth and cause problems when chewing or talking, implants are securely anchored into the upper or lower jaw. Individuals will not be able to tell the implant from a natural tooth.

Is anyone a good candidate for getting dental implants?

Most people are good candidates for Dental Implants in Annapolis, but there are certain factors that determine if an individual can get them or not. People who don’t have sufficient bone left in their jaw, due to aging or other factors, may not be the best candidate. In some cases, individuals can have bone grafts to build up and strengthen their jaw bone. Individuals must also have healthy teeth and gums before a dentist will perform the procedure.

Individuals who want to learn more about getting a dental implant for their missing tooth should contact Annapolis Dental Associates. This dental office offers complete dental care including general dentistry, restorative procedures, gum care and orthodontics. They’re also available for dental emergencies.

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