Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Roofing In Laurel, MT

In Montana, business owners assess costs and expenses related to their roofing needs. They determine what strategies are best for maintaining the installation and preventing additional property damage. Contractors help them with these endeavors by answering their questions completely. The following are frequently asked questions about commercial roofing in Laurel, MT.

Does the Roofing Company Manage Removal Services?

Yes, a commercial roofing contractor schedules the removal of the existing roof. They factor in the amount of time needed to complete this step when preparing for a new installation. They inform the owner of this duration when they provide an itemized estimate for their services. However, during the removal, they could find additional damage and need to replace underlying surfaces as well.

Does the Roofing Company Address Waste Management for the Project?

Yes, they hire a waste management company to manage the removal of all existing roofing materials. Typically, the contractor makes these arrangements before they start the project. Waste management is required by roofing companies to eliminate possible work-related injuries. Under most circumstances, these services are required as a term of their insurance policies. This applies to worker’s compensation and general liability coverage most often.

Do They Provide a Lifetime Warranty for the Roofing Installation?

Certain roofing installations that have a longevity over forty years may acquire a lifetime guarantee. If the property owner acquires this warranty, the contractor must perform services to repair the roofing without additional costs. A review of the warranty terms defines what repairs are covered under the warranty.

Do They Provide a Maintenance Contract and What is Included?

Yes, maintenance contracts are available through most roofing companies. They include annual inspections, repairs, and replacements. They also include pressure washing and the removal of any environmental risks found on the material.

In Montana, business owners hire contractors to mitigate risks associated with their roofing. These risks involve damage due to natural disasters and environmental conditions. Property owners also lower these risks by scheduling inspections available to them through contracts. Property owners who need commercial roofing in Laurel, MT can contact Built Wright Homes & Roofing Inc. for more information.

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