Frequently Asked Questions About Bees and Pest Control Companies In Scottsdale AZ

Homeowners who have an infestation of bees on their property should contact a bee removal company as soon as possible. A swarm of bees close to the house can be dangerous for family members when they’re outside. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about bee infestations and how Pest Control Companies in Scottsdale AZ can help.

What are some of the most common species of bees that can cause a problem for homeowners?

Residents of Arizona can have an infestation of various species of bees, which include honey bees, bumblebees, carpenter bees and Africanized bees. Instead of building a hive, carpenter bees prefer unpainted wooden surfaces for depositing their eggs. Homeowners will often notice small holes in their deck railings, in the rafters of their house and in other wooden objects outside. If left untreated, these bees can cause serious damage to the wooden structures around the house.

Are all bees dangerous and are their stings deadly to humans?

Most individuals who are stung by a single bee will feel pain during and after the sting, but it doesn’t cause any harm except for discomfort at the site of the sting. People who are allergic to bee stings can have a severe reaction that can be fatal. A dangerous situation can also occur when individuals are exposed to a swarm of bees, and they experience multiple stings. Bees will not generally sting a person unless they feel threatened or if the person happens to disturb their nest. This is why it’s important to contact Pest Control Companies in Scottsdale AZ if a bee hive is found on a person’s property.

How does a pest control specialist get rid of bees on a person’s property?

A professional uses various methods to remove bees and the beehive from an individual’s property. The type of method that’s used depends on the species of bees and the location and size of the hive. Professionals also wear protective clothing when they remove bees so they can perform their job safely and effectively.

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