Free Acupuncture Treatment In San Francisco CA Gives Real Relief

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you having problems sleeping at night? If so, you may want to take into consideration an acupuncture treatment as an option for your ailment. Acupuncture treatment gives real relief with no need of medicine afterwards. Acupuncture is an old-healing procedure of traditional Chinese medicine that has been publicized and documented for its effectiveness and safety for a wide-range of conditions. Chiropractors are using this treatment at their clinics for patients who prefer this process over traditional medication. You can find qualified chiropractors that offer the service of free acupuncture treatment in San Francisco CA.

The Procedure of Acupuncture Treatment

The procedure of an acupuncture treatment includes a skilled chiropractor inserting hair-thin, sterilized needles into certain pressure points on the body to correct and maintain a patient’s flow of energy. Thus, stimulating the body’s natural healing methods and promoting a healthy balance. This energy is believed to flow through precise pathways all through the body, known as meridians. When meridians are blocked, the disruption in qi flow can cause illness, pain, or lack of function in certain areas of the body. With acupuncture it relieves the blockage and a patient can experience a wide-range of benefits such as reduced pain, improved sleep, enhanced digestion, and enriched feelings of wellness.

Acupuncture Treatment Is Effective

Acupuncture treatment is an effective procedure to treat many conditions which include sleep-related issues, nausea, tendinitis, pain, menstrual cramps, fibromyalgia, low back pain, and headaches to name a few. The benefits that patients see all over their body is because the needles help redirect blood flow and flush the system. The increase circulation allows toxins to exit safely and in most cases will cure different physical ailments, which include a better outlook on life. When you have more stamina energy and even overall improvements you are able to have higher quality of life. This can be done with the use of free acupuncture treatment in San Francisco CA by qualified chiropractors. For more details visit

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