Four Uncommon Practices Included With Tree Service in Westport Connecticut

Countless trees are trimmed, torn down and pruned each year thanks to Northeast Horticultural Services. While these are the most common services provided by this horticultural company, there are actually quite a few others that they offer. Tree Service in Westport Connecticut includes four uncommon practices that trees can benefit from.

Tree Appraisals

Many may be unaware that the trees in their yard, as well as additional aspects of the landscape, are actually worth a monetary value. If damage ever occurs to a tree, whether due to a storm or otherwise, a tree appraisal can be completed. This will tell the insurance companies just how much the damage is worth, and how much the homeowners should be reimbursed.

Tick Control

Often times, ticks are not dealt with until they have invaded a home and wreaked havoc. To prevent ticks from harming the property, homeowners can get ahead by hiring Northeast Horticultural to perform tick control on their trees. They use organic sprays to cover trees and shrubs so ticks nearby will be eliminated.

Lightning Protection

Trees are susceptible to lighting as they are so high up and often the first thing a lighting bolt reaches. A tree that gets struck by lightening can cause significant damage to a home, power lines nearby, or even a vehicle in the driveway. To prevent this from happening, lightening protection can be added to trees. The system utilizes rods and cables that channel electricity safely to the ground, rather than into the tree.

Tree Inventory

Tree Service in Westport Connecticut includes taking tree inventory. This means all trees in the area will be assessed, and a report written up about which trees are healthy and which are not. Those that need attention will be marked as a high priority, so home or business owners are aware of which trees need to be dealt with first.

Homeowners often focus on the inside of their homes, rather than the outside. This typically means that trees get neglected and do not receive the proper care they need. Regular Tree Service in Westport Connecticut is a necessary practice that every homeowner with trees in their yard should seek. Whether they want some of these more uncommon practices completed, or simply need a tree trimmed, Northeast Horticultural Services will perform the service efficiently.

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