Four Tips On How To Build Brand Loyalty

It is hard to argue that brand power has no affect on an individual’s purchase. Today, it is important to brand products, services and companies. This is an essential part of doing business in an extensive and global marketplace. The potential number of consumers is huge if branding is not only done correctly but handled by the right brand management services company.

Branding is important, but it is vital to not stop at the initial entry of the new brand. It is important that as a company and as responsible brand management services, the brand not be simply established but built up. It is a question of creating a brand and then encouraging or building up brand loyalty. This is the responsibility of all involved in the branding process. This includes the branding agency, the company and the product or service as well.

Live Up To Its Promise

To build up brand loyalty, the product must live up to what it promises. It must not only do this at the beginning of its entry into the consumer world. It must continue to do it throughout its life as a product or service. If the product is marketed to be sweet and salty, do not change it later to a strictly sweet or salty product. Companies such and Pepsi, Coca-Cola and more recently Lulumon have felt the wrath of their consumers when the product changed or failed to deliver what they had promised.

On the other hand, companies such as Lush continue to rank high. They recognize the intricate tie between their customers and their product but never insult their intelligence by changing their philosophy or product claims. They keep on giving the customer what they promise. In this way, they continue to build up loyalty to the brand. This approach is applicable and effective whether the branding is product specific or based on the company’s philosophy and ethical approach. In many cases, branding can create a close knit bond between the two.

Fix Your Mistakes and Do So Publicly

If there is a defect or flaw – even if the mistake appears miniscule, don’t waste time talking about it, fix it. Make sure the promise does not stay broken but is rectified. This applies to a company’s ethics as well. Consider how various companies handled the clothing factor fire in Bangladesh. Loblaw’s CEO was quick to respond. In this way he made the Joe Fresh brand represent a step in fair wages and treatment of off-shore workers. As a result, customers who may have had second thoughts saw decisive action to rectify a serious problem.

Be inclusive, not exclusive. 

Unless you plan to appeal to a very specific group, do make sure the product is inclusive. It should not have any boundaries that will reflect poorly on the brand and the company. Consider what happened to Lulumon when the CEO stated that only certain women could wear the yoga pants.

Reward Brand Loyalty

It is always important to let your customers know they are appreciated. This is why Starbucks and other companies provide perks for loyal clients. They provide free beverages, donuts, reward or mileage points and related items for purchasing their products or services.

Brand management services work with a company to create a brand. They also work hard to nurture, extend or build it. By doing so, they help to build up a loyal customer or client base. If this is done correctly, the customer will continue to support the product, service or company as long as he or she finds it warrants such loyalty.

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