Four Tips on Choosing, Maintaining, and Replacing Boat Flooring

Marine flooring is a specialty material that is created to weather the environment. The material should be manufactured from a closed-cell product, which protects against moisture. For safety reasons, the surface needs to be non-slip. Here are four more things to consider when selecting this flooring.

1. Warranty

Because of the wear and tear from foot traffic, water, and the elements, a warranty is good to have. Some manufacturers provide up to three years of coverage on their work and the materials.

2. Maintenance

Maintaining the floor should be straightforward, and you should be able to clean up with readily available products. In most styles, greasy stains can be attacked with an all-purpose cleaner, but acidic ones are not usually recommended. To further protect the floor’s appearance, address any rust stains and routinely remove bird droppings.

3. Application

When installing new material, it can be convenient and cost-effective to apply it over the existing floor. Some brands are easy to glue over the old layers with a simple peel-and-stick process, and companies can create custom-fit pieces in a multitude of colors with logos using cutting-edge technology.

Before starting the work, take the time to prep the surface. Wash it, and once it has dried, rub alcohol on it to remove any residue. Make sure the area is completely dry before applying any adhesive.

4. Life

The life of this product is typically five to seven years. The flooring will last if routinely cleaned and adequately maintained. A quality adhesive will usually last that long also. For more details on custom cut marine flooring, contact dekit at

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