Four Subtle Signs You Should Call for Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach, FL

Soaring temperatures in Ormond Beach during the summer mean air conditioning units have to work extra-hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, this added stress makes it far more likely you’ll experience problems with your unit. To avoid getting stuck with an air conditioner that quits working altogether, learn to identify the subtle signs indicating your unit may be on the fritz. Below are some common symptoms that your unit’s not working properly and needs Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach, FL.

Your Unit Switches Off Too Soon
If you notice your air conditioner’s cycles seem shorter than usual, or your unit switches off before it’s satisfied the temperature on the thermostat, it’s important to call a service technician. This is usually because of a clogged filter or faulty thermostat sensor, but letting the issue go unfixed can lead to much bigger problems. Cycles that are too short can eventually lead to compressor failure, and this repair is usually a significant expense.

Your Unit is Blowing Warm Air
According to experts, your unit should blow out air that’s 50 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. If your unit is producing air that’s significantly warmer than this, it’s time to call a professional for Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach, FL. This problem is usually caused by leaking refrigerant, and a professional will need to use gauges to determine how much needs to be added.

Your Outdoor Unit is Noisy
A noisy outdoor unit usually means the condensor’s fan blades are hitting against an obstruction that’s made it’s way into the unit. Twigs, leaves and other debris often become trapped inside your outdoor unit, and they’ll need to be removed to prevent additional problems. To avoid causing damage to your unit, call a professional to find and fix the issue.

You Notice a Burning Smell
A faint burning odor usually means there’s an issue with your unit’s electrical wiring. This is a huge safety hazard, so it’s important to call a repairman right away to avoid an electrical fire. Be sure to shut off your unit right away; the combination of electricity and water from the unit can be particularly dangerous.

Getting problems with your air conditioner taken care of right away will save you money in the long run. If you notice any of these warning signs that something’s not quite right, call Best Value A/C for fast and affordable repair service.

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