Four Steps to an Air Conditioning Cleaning in Lakeland FL

Having an air conditioner that runs well is vital, not only to keeping cool, but also to everyone’s overall health. An air conditioner that is kept properly maintained will provide an efficient air of high quality that is safe to breathe. Air Conditioning Cleaning Lakeland FL includes four main steps that need to be taken.

Use a Fin Comb

The back of the unit is made up of cooling fins. If the fins become clogged, it will be difficult for air to be pulled through. A special fin comb can be purchased to make it easier to straighten all the fins and ensure they are properly cleaned out.

Vacuum Out the Dust

A hose attachment on a vacuum can be used to suck out any dust built up inside the air conditioner. This is particularly useful for the coils. It will eliminate built up material and get the air flowing once again.

Clean the Coils

The coils located inside the air conditioner need to be cleaned properly using a particular cleaner. AC-Safe or a similar brand is specifically made to spray on the air conditioner coils.

Replace Air Filters

Many air conditioners have one main air filter that needs to be replaced on a regular basis. Some may even have a few smaller filters located within the unit as well. Over time, dust builds up inside these filters and can inhibit air flow, as well as reduce air quality. Replacing them is the best way to ensure they are completely clean and ready to be used.

Residents should first attempt to clean their units on their own. This will at least help keep regular debris and dust from building up. On a regular basis, however, a professional should be called in to provide an inspection and ensure the unit is working correctly, as well as properly cleaned. Keeping the filters free from dust is important to maintain proper air quality that is safe to breathe. Air Conditioning Cleaning in Lakeland FL can be completed by Springer Bros.

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