Four Signs You Need To Repair Your Furnace

On those cool days, when autumn brings its dampness or when the winter winds begin to blow, a furnace brings a dedicated and welcoming warmth into your home. You are comfortable and relaxed. When something goes wrong, all calm can vanish as you try to assess the situation. It is important to recognize when a qualified local repair furnace service in Asheville NC is required.

Four Common Signs Indicating the Need for a Repair Furnace Service

In Asheville NC, your furnace may offer subtle hints or blatant indications that something is wrong. Among the most common are the following

  1. The Furnace is not functioning or malfunctioning: The cause could be simple human error, or the fault could lie with the motor.
  2. Not enough heat: This may be the result of a faulty or improperly set thermostat. Alternatively, the blower may be clogged, or its belt could be either broken or too loose.
  3. Short cycling: If the furnace is short cycling, the filter may need to be cleaned or replaced.
  4. Pilot light/Ignition control: If this device is not performing properly, the causal factors may be the setting of the pilot flame, or the opening is blocked.

Repair Furnace

It may not be necessary to call an emergency repair service if your heating system is malfunctioning. However, if you cannot identify the cause, do not have the tools, or lack the skills to repair your heating system, contact a professional repair service. They can identify the problem and recommend the necessary actions.

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