Four Signs That It’s Time to See a Hyde Park Podiatrist for Ankle Pain

Unless you have your feet up all day, you really can’t ignore ankle pain in Hyde Park. In some cases, ankle problems can heal on their own after an injury. However, if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you should probably seek the services of a podiatrist.

An Injury

It sounds obvious that you should see a doctor when you injure your foot or ankle. However, a surprising number of individuals fail to seek treatment when they hurt these body parts. Without qualified medical treatment, many foot and ankle injuries tend to get worse rather quickly than better. This is primarily due to the fact that people will still try to walk while injured.

The Pain Lasts

Every injury comes with some sort of pain. As the injury heals, the pain will eventually subside and disappear. However, if you have been experiencing persistent ankle issues that won’t go away, then you most likely have a problem for a podiatrist. The foot and ankle contain complicated moving parts. It’s very easy to keep reinjuring them without the proper medical care and instructions.

A Limp

Limping is a clear sign that you have a problem. If the source of the problem is your ankle, then you could be doing more damage by trying to walk on it. Also, if not treated quickly, limping can lead to other problems with your feet, ankles, and legs because of the imbalance in your gait.

Change in Color

Many medical issues can cause your ankle to change or lose colors. Bruises and breaks produce purple, blue, and red tones and should be addressed immediately by a doctor along with any other issue that causes changes in color to your ankles.

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