Four Reasons Why People Choose Cremation in Cincinnati, OH

Nearly half of Americans now choose cremation as their personal choice for their remains. In some states, the statistics are as high as 72 percent. There are many different reasons for choosing this method, and they are a combination of practical and emotional. Here are just four of the reasons people say they prefer Cremation in Cincinnati OH over burial.

Reducing Final Costs

Cremation avoids the need for embalming and an expensive casket. It also eliminates the expense of purchasing a cemetery plot and transporting the body to the cemetery. Choosing cremation with no burial can save families thousands of dollars.

Preserving the Land

It is becoming difficult in some cities to find available land for burial plots. Many people choose cremation for this reason alone. They feel guilty about taking a piece of land and making it their own for eternity. Some also worry about the raw materials used to make a casket that will then be buried and never seen again.

Keeping People Close

Family members sometimes prefer cremation because they like to have the ashes of their loved one near them. Today, there are teddy bears, jewelry, and tiny keepsake boxes that make it possible for everyone to have a small amount of the ashes of a friend or loved one with them at all times.

Reaching New Places

A burial puts a body in the ground where it will remain. Cremation in Cincinnati OH makes it possible to have the ashes spread in the ocean, on a mountaintop, or even shot into space. Some companies include ashes in fireworks so loved ones can go out with a bang and have their ashes spread over their favorite city or across their home town.

With the increase in pre-planning funerals and preparing wills, it is easier for people to have their requests known and honored. There is no one way that is right for everyone when it comes to final planning. This is why funeral homes offer numerous options to their clients for preparing the body, planning a funeral service, and much more. The only tradition today is for everyone to have the final sendoff they prefer. Talk to a cremation service to find out more.

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