Four Exciting Things to Do at the Frost Science Museum in Miami

If you are looking for a place to have some family fun in Miami, Frost Science Museum has everything to offer. There are plenty of entertaining activities for children of all ages. Adults will enjoy this learning experience too.

Here are four exciting things to do when visiting the Frost Science Museum:

1. Visit a breathtaking three-level Aquarium.

Take a trip through the aquatic world of South Florida. The lower level features real-time satellite imagery of the Gulf Stream. Get up close and personal with the subtropical sea by touring nearly 30 aquariums on the second floor. The top deck has an amazing view of Miami while allowing visitors to experience the ambiance of the Everglades.

2. Take a tour of outer space in a stunning show at the Frost Planetarium.

The Frost Planetarium has a 16 million color, 8K projection to provide you with a realistic experience as detailed visuals of the solar system are displayed. Enjoy the feeling of flying through space with a nearly 360 view of the big screen.

3. Explore the power of science with a variety of exhibitions.

Join in the family fun with hands-on exhibits to teach you about science. Explore concepts of the ocean, the planet’s ecosystem, the human body, and the universe. Each exhibit creates a fun way to learn new things.

4. Enjoy shopping at the Science Store.

The Science Store has more memorabilia to commemorate your visit to the Frost Science Museum. Visit the store to explore the quirky gadgets and cool clothes.

Visit Miami’s only planetarium, science museum, and aquarium for an unforgettable experience. The family can partake in fun hands-on activities, participate in a visual joyride amongst the stars, and end the tour with a nice meal or shopping. It is time to have some family fun in Miami. Call to get additional information or visit

1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132.

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