Four Essentials you Need From a Logistics Company

Many people are let down by haulage firms with their shipments delivered late, taken to the wrong place, or even lost entirely. At best this is a mild annoyance and at worst it can have a huge negative impact on your business operations. You can identify reliable third party logistics companies which won’t let you down by looking out for the following features:

1. Easy Reach
A good logistics firm will not only be accessible by telephone or e-mail during the day but also during weekends, evenings, and even overnight. This is especially important if you have a last-minute shipment that needs to be sent out immediately or if you have an important query to be answered. Keep an eye out for companies which provide a 24/7 phone line to reach their customer service.

2. Instant Quotation
You need to know what you are getting from third party logistics companies so an accurate quote up front will prevent unexpectedly high bills. If you are still considering between several different corporations, a free quote for your job will help you find the one which provides the best value.

3. Agreed Rates
Some less scrupulous brokers will find any excuse to charge you extra or go above your initial quotation. Be sure to get everything in writing to avoid additional fees or legal hassles and ensure you know what you are getting and get an agreed rate straight away. Any person or company which doesn’t provide this should be avoided.

4. Professional Reputation
Ask around for recommendations or look for a company which has been in business for several years and you will find one that has a strong reputation for good service.

There are many haulage firms to choose from which makes finding a trustworthy one difficult at times. If you check into the company’s credentials and see what services they provide for customers, you won’t be disappointed by poor service or late deliveries.

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