Four Essential Packing Supplies in York, PA

Whether people are planning a move or simply looking to put some of their belongings into storage, there’s more to packing than just buying a bunch of boxes. Those who want to be prepared for moving day should look into purchasing packing supplies in York, PA in advance to make the process easier. Read on to find out what will be required.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is blank paper that is used to wrap delicate items such as glasses, plates, and ceramic goods. It’s a little bit sturdier than regular paper, making it perfect for filling gaps between goods that have already been packed into boxes as well. Using packing paper will prevent belongings from rattling around during the move and will help stop them from being damaged.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential packing supply for any exceptionally fragile items. It can be wrapped around just about anything breakable but should be used liberally in packing items such as fine china and other fragile, valuable items. Plus, once those items have been successfully unpacked intact, popping bubble wrap can do wonders to relieve some of the stress of moving.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are often placed under heavy furniture to keep it in place and prevent damage to these often quite valuable items. It also prevents damage to any items stored nearby and can be used in conjunction with stretch wrap to keep dirt, water, and dust out of furnishings.

Packing Labels

It may not seem important right now, but the essential nature of packing labels will begin to manifest itself as soon as the move is completed, or boxes start getting taken out of storage. Having a labeling system in place will save those in the process of unloading and unpacking belongings a lot of stress further down the line, so it’s worth taking the extra time to place a label or two on every box detailing their contents.

Get Started Now

Need to find packing supplies in York, PA for an upcoming move? A Better Rate Storage offers everything their renters need to move belongings into storage units safely. Those who are planning long-distance moves can also head in to pick up needed supplies at their convenience.

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