Foundation Problems in Houston, TX Can Restore the Home to a Level Position

Foundation problems will cause your home problems, which do not show up immediately. Small cracks will be visible around the upper frame pieces of windows and doors. The doors may be hard to open. You will also notice cracks where the walls join the ceiling. As time passes, these defects may become larger and more noticeable. If you have a slab, then you may notice cracks in the tile or bulges in the carpet, and even wet spots where water has seeped through cracks in the cement.

Soil may separate from the foundation when you look outside where the rain would run off of the roof. If the soil has moved enough to form a hole, then you know there is a high probability you have a foundation problem that could be extensive. If the back side of your home is starting to break away from the rest of the home, then you might have a very serious problem with soil washing out or even a small sink hole forming. Often, the garage will slightly separate from the house, indicating a problem with the dirt washing away. Occasionally, a pipe in the slab will leak, causing the slab to feel soft in the area.

These problems are reasons to call an expert who can resolve Foundation Problems in Houston TX immediately. The first step for the repair company is to walk around the outside of the house looking for signs of structural distress and any event or circumstance which could be affecting the foundation. Next, they will take elevation readings every 6-8 ft. throughout the house. These elevation readings will be used in a formula to determine if the foundation movement exceeds the foundation repair company’s standards. This information is reviewed with the family, and recommended repairs are made accordingly.

Foundation Problems in Houston, TX can be solved by an engineering company that begins their work with the processes stated above. The actual repairs require leveling the slab, which levels the house. Holes are dug in the slab and piles are driven down to the desired depth as determined by the engineers. Next, a 20 ton jack is placed on the piles, and the jack will lift the house to a level position. Shimming may be required. Then, the hole is back filled and the dirt is tamped down. Cement is then poured into the holes. The work in Houston carries a transferable lifetime warranty.