Foundation Contractors in Houston TX: The Major Foundation Problems and Causes

The single part of the building that mostly affects the integrity of the whole structure is the foundation. A house that has a sturdy foundation can withstand any storm. On the other hand, a house with a shoddily laid foundation will collapse at the simplest circumstance. This is why you need to hire reliable foundation contractors in Houston TX for all your building needs. Below are some of the commonest foundation problems and their causes.

How to tell that a house has foundation problems

Most of the times, the signs of a weak foundation do not show on the foundation itself. They are felt on other parts of the building such as the walls, the floors and so on. Here are some of the most common indicators of foundation troubles.

1. Cracks on the walls
2. Doors that do not close properly
3. Floors that are bulging
4. Sloping floors
5. Spaces between the wall and the ceiling
6. Walls that are separating from the house

If foundation problems are not addressed in time, serious structural problems will result in your house. This is why you need to get an expert to deal with foundation weaknesses. They normally start by addressing the cause of the weakness.

Major causes of foundation problems

The major cause of foundation problems is the soil that the foundation was laid on. When the foundation is being laid, the contractors make sure that the soil has the appropriate moisture, strength and tenacity to support a structure. There are however, factors that interfere with this integrity. These include:

1. Pests that eat away at the foundation
2. Excessive moisture in the soil
3. Trees that spread their roots below the structures and cause cracks

The repair method that will be applied will depend on the cause of the weakness. An expert knows that filling a crack on the wall is not the solution to structural problems in a structure. They will therefore try and address the cause. As a result, the signs will stop showing.
If you suspect foundation problems in your building, it is wise to contact foundation contractors in Houston TX. For more information browse this site

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