Forklift Propane Refill Safety Tips

If you run a warehouse or facility with lift trucks, you might use a lot of fuel during the day. Electric trucks have their benefits, but for large areas, propane-powered trucks are more economical. Even if you have experienced drivers, it is important to make sure they are aware of your safety rules for refueling. Here are some of the most important rules from your forklift propane refill provider.

Check the Valves

When fuel valves get worn or damaged, they may leak fuel. Make sure your drivers check the valves before changing tanks. Leaks are not hard to spot as they may make a hissing sound and you can smell the fuel. Propane is colorless and odorless, but manufacturers place a distinct odor in the fuel to make leak detection easier. Also, a cold valve can mean there is a leak present. Contact your supervisor or forklift propane refill service when you notice leaks.

Protective Gear

Propane is very cold. In fact, it is cold enough to damage your skin if it comes into contact with it. Always wear gloves when changing propane tanks. Gloves also protect your hands from metal valve fittings. Make sure to wear proper eye protection also.

Explosion or Fire Hazards

Even though most companies have “no smoking” rules in place, it is vital to remind employees of no smoking anywhere near propane tanks. In some cases, drivers may leave the truck running while refueling, but this is not a good idea. Always turn off the motor before refueling.


If you notice any damage to the tank, like dents or creases, contact your forklift propane refill service as soon as possible so they can remove it from service. Your propane professionals are there to make sure you get the most affordable and safest propane service possible.

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