Forget Carpet: Alternative Flooring in Minneapolis, MN

Most homes have carpeting on the living room floor. It’s the most common choice to decorate those floors. What if you want something different? Maybe you have several pets and you know that they will destroy the carpet. Maybe you want something more elegant and with a lot less homey feel. There are several other Flooring in Minneapolis, MN options to decorate your living room floor than carpet.

Wood flooring in Minneapolis MN is elegant and beautiful on the living room floor. If you want that sophisticated look, then wood will give you that. Colors range from light wood to a dark brown wood. The color of the wood will affect the ambiance of the room. Light colors make the room brighter, for example. Wood floors do require some maintenance, although most come with a stain resistant finish. Place protective shields under the feet of furniture so they don’t scuff the floor and vacuum the floor with a wood attachment.

Stone & Tile
You might wonder why anyone would put stone and tile in the living room. It’s used for the bathroom, right? That is true, because tile and stone resist water really well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your living room with it. Tile comes in many colors and you can arrange them to make patterns on your floor. Why hide that away in the bathroom? Put a giant sun pattern on your living room floor for guests to see. Another plus is that tile will become warm in the winter with the heat on and cool in the summer with the air conditioner on. Tile and stone is easy to care for as long as you get the right cleaning supplies made for stone and tile.

Luxury Vinyl
If you have pets, wood and stone might not work in your living room. Pets could destroy the expensive flooring. Instead, choose luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl mimics wood, stone, and tile designs. You won’t be able to tell the difference. Luxury vinyl also comes in designs and colors not found in the other options. You could have a one-of-a-kind living room floor. Luxury vinyl is stain, scratch, and scuff resistant. It is very easy to clean with simple cleaners and can even be bleached, if necessary.

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