For Teeth Whitening Treatments an Office That Handles Dentistry Vista Can Be the Best Choice

One of the main reasons that many people decide to visit a dentist is because they are unhappy with the way their teeth may look. Often a person may feel embarrassed or self-conscious because their teeth are discolored or stained. For patients with this type of issue a dentist can often be the best choice to provide them with whitening treatments, which can help in resolving this type of problem.

A person’s teeth can become discolored due to a number of reasons. Some people have consumed foods and drinks that tend to stain their teeth. Others may have stained teeth due to illness or because of the medications, which they may have been prescribed in the past. Teeth that are stained and discolored can often have a negative impact on a person’s life and so it is important that they have the issue resolved in the best way possible. Most offices that handle Dentistry Vista are able to help a patient in accomplishing this by using professional strength whitening products, which can remove the stains and whiten their teeth.

Most dentists will begin a whitening treatment by first cleaning the patient’s teeth thoroughly. They will then spend time either applying a highly concentrated whitening gel to the teeth directly or they will fill a custom designed dental tray with the gel and place this on the patient’s teeth. Next, a heat light or laser will be used near the patient’s mouth so that the peroxide in the gel can become activated. This will cause the peroxide to become oxygen at a faster rate. This is important, as it is the oxygen molecules, which will be able to get into the pores of the teeth to break up the stains and discolorations. Once this occurs, light will be able to fill shine through the teeth making them much whiter and brighter as well.

Generally, a patient will start to see changes in the way their teeth look after their first whitening treatment at an office that handles Dentistry Vista. However, most dentists, such as Dr George Braithwaite DMD, will recommend that the patient return for further treatments so that their teeth can become as white as possible. This can also be beneficial in helping to prevent the stains from redeveloping in the future. Schedule an appointment with dentist Dr George Braithwaite DMD.