For Highly Skilled and Cost-Effective Body Repair Talk to the Auto Body Shop Near Phoenix AZ.

Our vehicle speaks about us. When it is clean and shiny, it says that you care about it and the inference can be easily drawn that you care about much of life. A car is something like a relationship; it shows when we care about it. So, when it is damaged we want the best repair work we can find. There are many Auto body shops Near Phoenix AZ, but there are only a few highly skilled in sheet metal repair.

Repairing sheet metal damage is not as easy as just patching the fender or finding a replacement from a salvage yard. Your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications, and its appearance will be maintained. The repair center with experienced technicians will use state-of-the-art spot welders to repair and replace damaged body areas and structural parts. This process will leave your car with an appearance that is good as new. Dent repair can be accomplished with minimal effort and the result will be an unnoticeable repair.

The auto body shop Near Phoenix AZ has excellent capabilities to match the paint on your car. This is important considering the large area that may need painting. The Spray Bake Paint Booth has an overspray control and temperature controlled capabilities to enhance the quality of the paint work done on your car.

The accident may have left your windshield intact, but don’t count on this just from appearances. The windshield has a function other than acting as a wind and bug screen. It is an integral part of the car structure and it plays a very important role in keeping the car together in an accident. Always ask for top quality replacement glass. there are three grades of glass and you really want the OEM type of glass.

The Auto Body Shop Near Phoenix AZ has the wheel force alignment process which will assure you that your tires are in perfect alignment. Frame alignment and repair is accomplished by the Chief Automotive Measuring System which is absolutely the state-of-the-art frame alignment system. This system will repair unibodies also. Comprehensive collision repair service at a high quality level is available on a very cost-effective basis. For more information visit their website at

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