For Extra Cash, Take Broken, Outdated Jewelry to the Gold Buyer in Oklahoma City

Everyone has seen ads in the newspaper, and on television placed by gold and silver buyers who will pay a good price for old, broken jewelry. They know many people take for granted that their old necklaces and earrings aren’t worth a dime, but they want them to know they’re worth much more than a dime. Anyone having pieces of jewelry made of gold, platinum or silver are never broke. They just need to find an honest buyer who will give them cash for their jewelry items.

All they need to do is round them up, put them in a plastic bag and take them to a Gold Buyer in Oklahoma City. Many people who weren’t born before the year 1964 don’t know how much their parents received for the silver they sold in the late 70s and early 80s. Some of the silver dollars sold for $21 or more during that time, which was an unbelievable price. When many Americans heard that the government was going to stop putting so much silver in their coins, they started hoarding them, and when they passed away, family members divided them up and sold them.

They learned to look at coins sideways in order to quickly see the amount of silver in them, or they just looked at the date, and if it was 1964 or earlier, they knew they had a silver coin. Today, there’s a highly trusted Gold Buyer in Oklahoma City that offers fair prices for worn and broken jewelry items. Customers turning in jewelry, coins, family heirlooms or pocket watches that play music when opened have trusted them for years. It’s very profitable to look around the house, in the backs of drawers, and in jewelry boxes that haven’t been opened in quite a while to find precious diamonds set in a broken ring or bracelet.

It’s also worthwhile to log on to  to see firsthand the articles people bring in to the store. The company also sells beautiful pieces at great prices to people searching for gifts of more modern earrings, rings and watches. Customers take the items into the store where they’re appraised and given a price of what the piece is worth. Then, customers happily walk out of the store with a handful of easily earned cash.

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