Follow These Tips to Prolong the Need for Dryer Repair in Shrewsbury MA

It seems easy enough to use a dryer- just put in the clothes, add a dryer sheet, shut the door and switch it on. However, despite the ease of use, many homeowners do not realize they are making small errors that can eventually harm the unit. By learning how to use a dryer properly, homeowners can avoid an emergency call for dryer repair in Shrewsbury MA.

Not Cleaning Lint

Leaving the dryer filter clogged with lint lowers the machine’s efficiency by slowing the drying process. If left untreated, it can cause overheating and fire. To avoid the fire risk, be sure to clean the lint trap and filter on a regular basis.

Not Emptying Pockets

Crayons, gum, and other items left in pants pockets can create chaos in the dryer. Not only will it stain clothing, but it can also damage the inside of the unit. Improper cleaning can clog drum holes, which creates a fire hazard. To avoid an expensive mess, vacuum up large chunks and scrub the drum with vinegar to remove sticky residues.

Overdoing it With Dryer Sheets

There is a such thing as too much of a good thing. While dryer sheets make clothes soft and remove static, they contain waxy materials that melt inside the dryer, and using too many may gum up the insides of the unit.


Trying to save time by drying a double load just doesn’t work. A machine cannot dry such a large load efficiently, so there’re no real time savings. Doubling up increases the weight in the dryer, forcing it to work harder and wear out faster. Additionally, inadequate airflow can cause a fire.

Drying Items That Shouldn’t be Dried

Rubber, foam, and plastic materials are a significant fire hazard. Before putting something in the dryer, the owner should read the item’s care instructions. For instance, bathroom rugs often have a rubber backing, and it is best to hang them on the clothesline to air-dry.

Most people don’t think much about the dryer until it stops working. However, there are ways to keep a unit functioning properly for years. By cleaning the lint trap, not overloading the unit and only drying approved items, a homeowner can avoid the need to contact us for dryer repair in Shrewsbury MA.

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