Fluoropolymer Coatings – Some Applications

When you need additional protection and durability for your surfaces, fluoropolymer coatings may be the answer. These coatings are very versatile and can be applied in a number of different situations in both industrial and manufacturing settings.

When you think of resistant coatings, you may remember something called Teflon. However, for fluoropolymer coatings are even better than Teflon when it comes to toughness. This is a coating that is used for various applications in the automotive, electronics, communications, and national security industries – it is also quite cost-effective.

Heat Resistance Application
These fluoropolymers resist heat in an excellent fashion. They provide excellent protection for electrical wires due to the fact that they resist temperatures up to 500°F. Wires that are coated with this coating can resist the power of fire to infiltrate. Wires in devices such as computers, phones and even in airplanes can be protected well through the use of this coating. Fluoropolymer coatings can help prove that short-circuit situations when there is a fire. The coating is also very useful when worn by firefighters – it provides an excellent layer of protection.

If you need to insulate components, fluoropolymers can do the job very well. They are very useful for use in applications involving electronics, automobiles, and electricity due to the fact that they are a nonconductor of electricity.

Non Stick Application
The food preparation industry can make excellent use of these coatings. They provide superb nonstick characteristics that make them very useful upon such items as cooking pans, molds, trays, and nonstick cookware. These coatings help facilitate easy cleanup.

Underwater Cables
Fluoropolymer coatings are highly useful for underwater applications – in particular for the protection of cables underwater that may otherwise experience corrosion.

Using the right Fluoropolymer coating for your particular application can make all the difference in terms of your business’s is operational efficiency and the service life of your equipment. You can benefit by utilizing the services of an industrial coatings company that has experience and knowledge in the coatings industry to produce highly effective coating solutions.

Industrial Factories
Various industrial settings can benefit from fluoropolymer. These include those in the printing and packaging industries. Factories can use this type of coding to paint trays and frames and coat rolls which enables the moving parts of packaging and printing machines to operate without sticking to the items are materials passing through those pieces of equipment