Fix Your Plumbing Disasters With Help From an Emergency Plumber in Atlanta

Some of the most troublesome disasters a homeowner or renter can endure are plumbing related. Thankfully, an Emergency Plumber Atlanta can help you with a variety of plumbing issues, including clogged drain lines. Clogs can occur in either the pipe traps or at various bends in the sewer lines. Pipe traps are the curved pieces of pipe that you can see under the drain connection. The traps tend to clog when the crook fills up with pieces of food, hair, or other debris. To repair this particular problem, the trap should be removed and cleared.

Clogs in the sewer line are a bit more stubborn. They usually require an Emergency Plumber Atlanta to use a specific tool known as a pipe snake or rooter. This is a long flexible cable designed to work its way around the various kinks and angles in the sewer line. Accessing the pipe may be difficult because the plumber needs to locate a vent or remove the toilet closest to the pipe. This is required because the pipe snake can’t work its way through the curves in the toilet outlet.

Leaking pipes are another reason to contact an Emergency Plumber Atlanta. Freshwater pipes are under constant pressure. Most municipal systems average thirty to forty PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) although, some run as low as twenty PSI. This constant pressure can stress the materials pipes are made from. Plus, the changes in pressure from turning the tap on and off cause the pipes to vibrate. You may notice this when the pipes tap on the wall. Constant rubbing is a sure way to develop a leak in the pipes, and these problems may be difficult to locate.

The easiest way for an Emergency Plumber Atlanta to find hidden leaks is with the aid of acoustics. Sound detection can make finding a leak extremely easy because water under pressure will tend to spray. However, even a simple leak can make noise. The constant drip of leaking water makes a unique sound that the plumber can easily locate with the right tools. Electronically-enhanced acoustic tools amplify the sound inside the walls, which makes it possible to pinpoint the source. Visit GoRapid Inc. for more information.

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