Five Signs You Need to Call AC Repair in St. Cloud

An efficiently working air conditioner is important to you and your family’s comfort. But after running for several long days during the summer (especially in hot states such as Florida), air conditioners often start having mild problems.

These small issues are signs that your AC needs maintenance or repair work done. It’s important to call a trusted AC repair in St. Cloud such as Smith’s Air Conditioning, Inc. for quick service. Otherwise, the air conditioner may stop working altogether and you’ll need costly service or a worst-case scenario replacement.

1. AC Blowing Warm Air

Even though it’s common for air conditioners to start blowing warm air after running during searing hot weather, it’s a sign to call your HVAC tech as soon as possible.

2. Air Is Blowing Weakly From Vents

If your AC isn’t blowing warm or room temperature air but the space doesn’t get cooler, check the vents. If the air is blowing weakly, it’s time to call a technician.

3. Strange Odors From AC

If your AC is emitting a strong smell, then it’s likely a burnt wire inside the unit. A musty smell indicates mold growth. Get in touch with AC repair in St. Cloud and your technician will fix the problem in no time.

4. Water Leak Around the AC

A broken condensation tube or refrigerant leak may cause water to collect around the AC unit, and it can be frustrating to clean constantly. It’s a major warning sign to get your AC fixed.

5. Thermostat Malfunction

If your air conditioner works perfectly and keeps shutting off after a while, then it’s an indicator of thermostat malfunction.

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