Five Possible Problems with Your HVAC Unit

You might not think about how important your HVAC system is until it develops a problem. When the sweat starts pouring off you because of the air conditioning doesn’t work, or you have the chills because your heating isn’t working, the HVAC becomes very important. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system gives signs when you need to call in a professional for repair. Following are some things you may check if your system is experiencing problems.

  • If a motor is a suspect for going bad in your system, one of the first things that might be checked is for blown fuses. The fuse is supposed to keep your system from overheating, which is why the fuse breaker will trip.
  • A second thing to check might be the filters in the unit. Dirty filters will cause problems in more way than one. Your energy bill will increase because your unit is having to work extra hard. Filters should be changed (if they are temporary) every two months or so. If the filter is permanent, it should be cleaned once a month if possible.
  • The Leaking refrigerant is another cause of HVAC problems. If the leaks are in the condenser or evaporator coils, that cannot be repaired.
  • A drain line can be the cause of unit problems if it is clogged up. Things like dirt and algae will create problems for your drain line. When the drain pan is filled up, the unit is likely to suffer water damage.
  • The compressor is a part of the air conditioning service that is basically the heart of the whole unit. It can seize, or it can freeze.

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