Five Ideas to Set Your Party Apart with an Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY

Summer time is a great time for parties. Everyone wants their party to be unique and memorable. You can try to set your party apart with the hottest new band or the newest young chef, but chances are someone has heard the band or tasted the chef’s food. If you want to set your party a bar above the rest, look into getting an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY. Here are five cool ways you can use one at your next party.

1. Serve a signature cocktail to your guests by pouring it down a custom designed luge. Pour a strawberry cosmo down a strawberry shaped luge, or a watermelon mojito down a watermelon shaped luge.

2. Serve a raw bar to your guests on a sculpture made of ice. Long Island is know for seafood. What better way to highlight this local resource than to serve it on a beautiful display. Oysters, cherry stones, little necks and other seafood items look stunning when arranged on a beautiful sculpture.

3. Use dry ice to create memorable decorations. Fill an oversize martini glass with dry ice and place it over a colored light. The effect will look hip and get the guests talking.

4. Create a bar made out of blocks of ice. Ice bars are all the rage in the chicest cities of the world. There is nothing better than pulling up a bar stool in a room made of ice while wearing a fur coat and sipping vodka. Maybe you don’t want to go full scale igloo but you can create a really amazing bar made out of large blocks of ice. What is cooler than walking up to a bar to get a vodka on the rocks and realizing that the bar is made out of the “rocks.”

5. Christmas time! Okay, yes theme parties are a little over. But everyone loves Christmas parties especially when there isn’t any actual gift shopping stress. Bring the holiday season back with a few strategically placed ice sculptures and a snow machine! A snowball fight in the middle of August would be so refreshing and fun.

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