Five Factors to Consider When Buying a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

No matter what industry a company does business in, hydraulic cylinders are an important part of the machines those businesses use. When buying a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora, businesses owners should keep the following factors in mind when looking for a good quality product.

Hydraulic cylinders should be standardized to fit any application

They should be thoroughly tested to be sure they meet standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers, and that they will perform well when combined with other machine parts. They also need to allow systems to work at higher pressure for the best efficiency.

Designed with corrosion-resistant materials

All hydraulic components, including cylinders, can begin rusting within hours after they come in contact with other products. That’s why it’s important that products are tested in compliance with applicable requirements related to corrosion for both coated and uncoated materials.

Quality control

Hydraulic cylinders should meet the criteria set by different organizations, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). If hydraulic cylinders meet the necessary criteria, the distributor or manufacturer should be able to guarantee the quality of the product and the process that was used to manufacture it.


No matter what market conditions are like, industrial business owners should look for a reputable supplier that has a proven history of providing quality products to their customers. They should be able to meet customer demands and provide products available globally through a wide network of distributors with no purchase restrictions. These elements provide better cost positioning with enhanced lead times to support project needs.

Systems-approached engineering

Another factor to consider is whether the distributor goes beyond just selling the product and also provide application engineering and consulting services so they can provide the exact type of product their customer needs.

Hydraulic cylinders should always provide the performance customers need to keep their machinery running. By doing their due diligence and choosing a hydraulic cylinder dealer that meets these five criteria, industrial businesses will get a better quality product. No matter what company your business chooses, whether it’s Miller Hydraulic Service Inc or another company, be sure to consider these five factors carefully when selecting hydraulic cylinders for your machinery.

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