Five Benefits of Using Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Software in Michigan

Companies with complex products and processes need to use Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Software to manage them. This type of software provides many benefits to companies. They include increased plant productivity, one source for alignment and accountability, improved performance and using the best practices for the specific product, while also managing the safety and ergonomics of the environment.

Increased plant productivity

Manufacturing plants improve their productivity when then they use Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Software because information is available to both executives and plant floor personnel. This reduces the time it takes to launch a product. Plant managers can also reduce the amount they spend because they can reuse different plans.

Provides one source of information

This software provides one source of information so teams can stay accountable through the entire lifecycle of a product. Accountability is important for any process because teams need to stay on target so they can reach their goals and improve the performance of a product and enhance the company’s bottom line.

Improves performance and uses the best practice processes for the specific product

PLM Software uses the best processes and operation templates to reduce the amount of time it takes to develop a product by as much as 40 percent. It also reuses 20 to 80 percent of these products within the first year. This reduces or completely gets rid of shop floor issues that cause production disruptions.

Provides 3-D factory design and visualization

Providing a three-dimensional design reduces the amount of time it takes to design a factory by as much as 50 percent compared to traditional two-dimensional design methods. It also reduces the number of times tools and equipment need to be changed out.

Manages the environment for safety and ergonomics

This reduces expenses that companies incur when employees get injured on the job. It also gets rid of hazardous work environments by integrating ergonomic simulation and validation when a new product is developed.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Software in Michigan, and there are many others. When looking at different software, it’s important to look at many different product development companies to determine if the company’s offerings meet their needs. When considering companies, companies need to be sure to Visit DRIVEN-4’s website to determine if our offerings match what they need for Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management Software in Michigan.