Five Benefits of Maintaining Your San Marcos Air Conditioning System

To maintain your preferred level of comfort in your home, you need a functioning air conditioner. Having a malfunctioning San Marcos Air Conditioning system, especially in the middle of the summer can be terrible. You can personally maintain your cooling unit by checking the condition of the air filters every month-change or clean dirty filters. Professionals recommend that you change filters every three months at the very least. Keeping the filters changed and your air conditioning system properly maintained offers several benefits:

* Less wear and tear on the A/C unit: Maintaining your air conditioner will ensure that it runs more efficiently thus reducing the overall wear and tear on the unit.

* Save money: A malfunctioning cooling unit uses more power and in effect hikes your monthly utility bills. A routine maintenance on your system is needed to avoid this. Preventive maintenance ensures that a smaller and inexpensive problem doesn’t grow into a relatively expensive problem. Small problems are detected early enough, and this saves you even more money.

* Better air quality: Clean air filters ensure that the air entering into your house is being filtered of dust and pollen. Proper air conditioner maintenance means clean air filters. Air filters also stop pollutants and trash from damaging you A/C unit.

* Warranty validation: The manufacturer of the A/C unit may offer a warranty to cover the failure if your system unexpectedly fails. However, the owner is required to have a certain duty of care to redeem the warranty. You can validate your warranty by simply including the receipt for maintenance of your A/C unit. This will keep money in your pocket.

* Environmentally sound: An A/C unit that leaks refrigerant is harmful to the environment. Refrigerant release fluorocarbons and these are harmful gases if allowed to empty into the environment. If you notice that you have this problem, call in a professional technician to capture and recycle them from your air conditioner.

Stillman Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has been in the industry since 1969, which means that their technicians have enough experience to ensure that you enjoy the above-mentioned benefits. You can contact them at domain URL to schedule regular San Marcos Air Conditioning maintenance to ensure your A/C unit is always in tiptop condition. Remember that the cost of preventative care is much less than the costs of having emergency repairs.

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