Five Benefits of Contracting Property Survey Services in Long Island NY

Land surveying isn’t just about determining boundary lines. Land surveyors provide essential information that helps property owners make all manner of decisions. If you’ve been looking for property survey services Long Island, NY, keep reading to learn about the many benefits that a land surveyor’s work has to offer.

Official Boundaries

Although you may have an old plat and some boundary markers in place (such as a neighbor’s fence or a stake), you’ll want to go with a professional surveyor to be absolutely sure where your legal boundaries lie. In many cases, fences and boundary lines are not accurate measurements but the product of someone’s best guess.

Water Sources

Surveyors will also find and plot the location of any above-ground bodies of water on or near your property. These include rivers, creeks, lakes, and wells. This information is important for construction planning purposes and is often required by building departments for the permitting process.


All too often, utility services are damaged by construction crews or homeowners. With a land survey, you’ll get the precise location of every utility on your property. You’ll also be informed of any utility easements as well.

Rights-of-Way and Easements

In addition to utility easements, your surveyor will inform you of other rights-of-way that may encumber your land. Common easements include a passage for landlocked neighbors and easements given to governmental agencies.

Existing Buildings

Just because a building is on a piece of land, doesn’t mean that building is legal. With a property surveyor, you’ll get the scoop on every building and structure that is on the property you’re having surveyed. Was it built to code? Is there is a certificate of occupancy? A surveyor will have these answers and more.

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