First DUI Defense: How to Proceed to Minimize the Situation

A DUI is not some small offense. The stigma against DUI in the United States can be worrisome, and it leads to a lot of stress and emotional trauma. Most people that receive a DUI learn their lesson and never get another one. But the current situation requires an excellent DUI Defense, and this is where the battle lies. There are lots of elements at play in building a defense, so clients working with company should be aware of these considerations that go underappreciated and overlooked.

Keep Statements to a Minimum

Various individuals may ask for an official statement. Witnesses and victims are likely involved, and their attorneys may request some statement from the client directly. Never do this- ever. Even a seemingly harmless comment can have punishing ramifications. A client in Kansas was recently up for a DUI in a small court. He wrote a letter apologizing to the victim and stating how sorry he felt about the entire situation. Unfortunately, the victim brought that to court, and the court deemed it an admission of guilt. The defendant’s case was built on a lack of responsibility and the ‘fact’ that the victim was also at fault. But the letter swayed the court unfavorably against the client because the client admitted he was sorry which is only a small step away from admitting full fault.

Saying sorry seems ubiquitous and the right thing to do. But in a DUI Defense, the right thing could be too little too late.

Collect Witness Data

Proactive individuals can increase their chances of a successful defense. One way to do this is to speak with witnesses. Keep the above in mind and never write anything about the case down. But take information on the witnesses, such as their address and phone number. The court may not necessarily call them to the stand. The simple admission of their information could help sway favor.

DUI is scary, but a little logic and trust in a professional will ease the fears. Despite social stigmas, millions of Americans get DUI’s every year. It is a situation that is manageable, and clients learn valuable lessons while avoiding jail time.

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