Finding your Pet Doctor Honolulu

The Honolulu Pet Clinic is a well established practice with up to date equipment to meet all of your pet’s needs. Services provided included are dog/cat spay and neuter, surgery, dental surgery and cleaning, boarding, behavioral counseling, emergency service, adult and senior care wellness exams and puppy/kitty healthy start exams and vaccinations.

It is recommended to start your pet’s vaccinations around 6 weeks old as that is when they start to lost the immunity that is passed down to the puppies and kittens from their mothers. The vaccinations protect your new pet from viruses and bacteria. The Pet Doctor also performs a thorough physical examination which covers listening to the heart, looking at the eyes, ears, ear canal, teeth and doing joint palpitations. Your puppy/kitty will also be checked for intestinal parasites. The vet will discuss with you your pet’s diet, flea control, house training, grooming, socialization and heart worm prevention.

Personal and caring attention is given to all boarders. Dogs are boarded in what are called “Runs”, they are kennels that measure about 3′ x 6′, which gives the dogs room to comfortably move around. They are given plenty of fresh air, are walked 3 times a day in order to do their business and get some exercise. A kennel worker is designated to monitor your pet’s appetite, weight, attitude and socialization skills. Cats are boarded separately from the dogs. The cats kennels are also spacious so your pet has plenty of room to move around. if a special diet is required arrangements can definitely be made with the front desk staff.

The Pet Doctor Honolulu strives to provide the safest surgical conditions. The surgical procedure starts with all pets under going pre-surgical exams and pre-anesthesia lab work. The anesthesia is gently administered. During the surgery your pet is on a heated table to boost your pet’s comfort. Vitals are thoroughly monitored both before and after surgery. Your pet will spend the night in the hospital for further monitoring and recovery.

Services provided in the Honolulu Pet Clinic include puppy/kitty healthy start exams and vaccinations, boarding and surgery among others. They are a well established, full service, small animal veterinary clinic that provides a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in-house testing. They strive to not just treat your pet when he/she is not feeling so well but they yearn to help you learn how to keep your pet happy and healthy.