Finding the Right Place to Buy Quality Jewelry in Westchester County

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Jewelry

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Jewelry pieces are a great way to create memories. Whether one is buying for themselves, or purchasing to show their love for another, it’s often a big purchase that should be given a lot of thought. While most believe that all jewelry stores are the same, it’s important to do research and find a great jeweler. There’s numerous places to get jewelry in Westchester County. When looking for the right jeweler, one should take into consideration the jeweler’s services. A great jeweler can provide an excellent inventory, selling and trading services, and repair.

When it comes to inventory, most jewelers will have a selection to cover a wide range of style preferences. While some may prefer a subtle jewelry piece, many also prefer large statement pieces. Jewelers like Michael Matthews Jewelers will be able to accommodate any customer’s style and budget. They carry everything from brand name gold and silver pieces to antique diamonds. A buyer can easily find something to suit their needs with a vast selection of merchandise.

While most don’t give it a second thought, selling and trading jewelry is a great service to take advantage of. There’s tons of used jewelry in Westchester County that can be traded in or purchased for a great deal. The seller get’s money for their unused pieces while the buyer get’s to enjoy something new. Jewelers will often buy and trade anything from necklaces to wedding bands. The jeweler will appraise the piece in great detail, paying attention to quality and value. Most often, this can be done in front of the customer to ensure a fair appraisal. From there, the jeweler can make a cash or trade offer.

Jewelry repair is an indispensable service that every jewelry owner should take advantage of. The value and rarity of jewelry pieces often make it impossible to fix by non-professionals. Repair should be handled by a professional to ensure that the value and quality of the piece are not lost. Jewelers can fix a number of issues. Broken clasps and chains can be fixed, along with misplaced stones and dislodged diamonds. Jewelers will also perform simple maintenance jobs such as cleaning and battery replacements.

All in all, finding a great jeweler is important. With all of the value and memories attached to jewelry pieces, one should take every step to ensure that their purchase or repair goes smoothly. Finding the right jeweler can make all the difference.