Finding the Best RV Valve Stem Extenders

When you need valve stem extenders for your car, it’s only a matter of going to your automotive parts store and picking out a set. However, this is not the case when you shop for RV extenders. Recreational vehicles have large wheels and special applications, and they sometimes require special extenders for valve stems. Here is a look at some of the options you may encounter.

Stainless Steel Hand Hole Mount

If you need a way to move an inner wheel stem to the outer wheel, hole mount valve stem extenders may be the best choice. These particular extenders are rubber hoses wrapped in durable and corrosion proof stainless steel. This is the perfect selection when you have a dual axle and you want easy access to the inner wheels.

This valve stem extender kit comes with brackets designed to mount your extender in the hand hole of the wheel. Each kit includes two extenders and brackets, so you can changeover both inner wheels of the axle. Make sure to check wheel sizes, as some kits are designed to fit wheels between 16 and 19.5 inches.

Wheel Cover Mount

Are you looking for a good pair of wheel cover mount valve stem extenders? Here are the best features to look for:

  • Simple installation – the best extenders require no special tools.

  • Current valve stem installation – look for models which can be directly connected to the tire valve stem. This way, you don’t have the remove the valve core and deflate the tires.

  • Kits that come with four hoses- two straight and two elbow

Straight Valve Stem Extenders

Straight extenders are available, and they can be used on front or back rims. They are a breeze to install, and you can buy them in two inch, three inch, and four inch lengths.

Elbow Extenders

Do you need an elbow extender for your valve stems? You can find some excellent nickel plated valve stem extenders with 90 degree elbow fittings. 45 degree, 125, and 135 degree fittings are also available.

Rubber Valve Stem Support

With some rims, the valve stem length is fine but it is hard to connect a tire gauge or air line. This is because the rubber valve moves around so much. The problem is easily solved with valve stem support brackets. You don’t need any special tools or equipment. Simply place the valve stem through the hole and clip the bracket to the lip of the rim. With all the selections of valve stem extenders available, there’s no need to struggle when checking or airing your tires again.

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