Finding The Best help For Lawn Care in Long Island NY

People who want beautiful lawns do not always have the time to do the maintenance work themselves. Some people are not physically able to push a lawnmower or do the other tasks associated with a landscape. These people need help with Lawn Care in Long Island NY. People don’t stop loving an attractive outdoor environment for their home because they are handicapped or a senior citizen. People who are very busy with careers and raising children might need the help of a Lawn Care in Long Island NY service.

What Can Lawn Care Services Do?

Companies such as AC Landscaping offer property maintenance services for homes and commercial properties. These services might include the following:

  • Tree removal with stump grinding or removal
  • Weekly yard maintenance services such as mowing.
  • Watering and sprinkler system maintenance
  • Tree and shrub trimming, pruning, feeding, and insect control
  • Seasonal cleanup and clean up after bad storms
  • Winter snow removal
  • Care of lawns and gardens including mulching, fertilizing, and grass aeration

The landscaper and the property owner would meet to decide what services were needed and how often the service would visit the property. A contract and pricing would be agreed upon and signed. This maintenance agreement can be changed or terminated as the property owner ‘s circumstances change. For instance, a bad storm could leave a mess in the yard with debris and broken branches. A tree could die and need to be removed. Or, the property owner could want landscape improvements added such as a fire pit, a patio, or a children’s play area.

Landscape Improvements

The landowner and the landscape designer would meet to plan the new project. A budget would be established, and a time would be agreed upon to do the work. Some landscape improvements are simple, like adding new plantings. Others are more complicated such as adding a patio or a water feature. Other projects involve improving the landscape by leveling uneven areas, filling in low areas, or improving the drainage. Adding an irrigation system would help the whole landscape but is invisible. The irrigation lines would need to be trenched in and everything connected to a water source.

A good landscape company will work with the homeowner to maintain and improve the outdoor living areas and lawns over the years. Click Here for more landscaping information.

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