Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA

Injuries are no laughing matter, especially when caused by a neglegent act by another person. When personal injuries interfere with one’s financial status, career, or emotional well-being, it may be time to call a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers represent individuals and families who have suffered an accident at the fault of another. Most often, these attorneys seek monetary rewards for the clients to ease the burden caused by the injury. Attorneys are common; however, caring and efficient attorneys are more rare. With the right knowledge, one can find the perfect attorney for the case.

When searching for a Personal Injury lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA, one should consider the services offered by the company, whether there is a free consultation, and the experience of the attorney’s office. For example, Sevey, Donahue, and Talcott represent clients in Fair Oaks, Lincoln, and Auburn, to name a few places in California. This office solely practices personal injury areas. This means the attorneys are equipped to deal with accidents caused by oil and gas wells, defective products, motorcycles or automobiles, railroads, or even work injuries. This office offers a free case evaluation where one must provide information like one’s name, cellular number, and address. Besides this personal information, one must also talk about the type of injury, the location, date, and time, and the incident in question. By answering these questions, the attorneys can let the client know the chances of winning the case. Together, these attorneys have over 45 years of experience.

To prove that they are the personal injury lawyer in Fair Oaks, CA, for any personal injury client, Sevey, Donahue, and Talcott have successful cases listed on their website. Each case excerpt lists the monetary amount, whether the case went to trial, the name of the case, and the personal injury attorney who covered it. For example, DeNoon v. Farmers concerned the wrongful denial of coverage. Matt Donahue handled this case, along with his partner Rich Caulfield. This case was settled in court with the verdict being $14,500,000 paid to the client on behalf of the insurer.

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