Finding a Dynamic Inspirational U.S. Judaic Lecturer and Keynote Speaker

For people of faith and those on a path of faith discovery, many questions often plague them. That is why having guest speakers at faith-based events is so powerful such as a fascinating Jewish keynote speaker in Cleveland.

Understanding The Jewish Faith

While Judaism is a religion steeped in much ancient history as well as religion, it is also a living faith. The core of the Jewish religion is a contract with the creator that became manifest thousands of years ago. Of all of the global religions, Judaism and its roots are well known to be one of the oldest and are at the root of Christianity as Jesus was a Jew.

Jewish History and Lectures

The Jewish faith and the history of the Hebrew people are fascinating. Its roots date back nearly 6,000 years as the Jewish calendar date as of September 2021 is the year 5,782, giving Judaism one of the longest continuous historical contexts of any people on earth.

Understanding the Torah, Judaism in history, its impact on life today, and the Old Testament prophecies for the future can be a bit overwhelming. That is why colleges and universities, faith-based communities, and synagogues often seek out the help of an acclaimed rabbi to guide them in their understanding and discovery as a lecturer or keynote speaker.

If you are looking for a fascinating Jewish keynote speaker in Cleveland, Rabbi Pinchas Landis is a provocative Jewish lecturer specializing in the areas of inspiration, personal growth, and Jewish history. You can learn more about him at

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