Find the Best Bathroom Flooring At A Floor Store In Lawrence, KS

There are various types of flooring materials available for your home, including ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl and hardwood. When you need to choose a flooring material for your bathroom, visit a well-known Floor Store in Lawrence KS, to get the best flooring at a great price. Read the following questions and answers to learn about selecting the best floor for your bathroom.

Q.) What are the best types of flooring material for a bathroom?

A.) Since it’s not unusual for a bathroom floor to be wet, you want to choose a durable flooring material that can withstand water. One of the best choices is ceramic tiles, as they’re easy to clean and they won’t become damaged if they get wet. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, install sheet vinyl flooring in your bathroom. This material doesn’t have any seams, so water cannot get under the vinyl. This material is also simple to maintain and it’s available in various colors and patterns at a dependable Floor Store in Lawrence KS.

Q.) Which flooring materials for the bathroom are slip resistant?

A.) As you step out of the tub or shower, you don’t want to slip and fall due to a slick floor. If you purchase ceramic tiles for your bathroom, you can have them coated with a special finish that prevents falls by adding traction to the floor. Vinyl flooring that has a smooth surface may get slick when wet, so when installing vinyl in your bathroom, select one that has a textured surface. To keep from falling on any type of bathroom floor, place bath rugs or mats in front of your tub to step on when you finish bathing. As you search for your new flooring material at a reliable Floor Store in Lawrence KS, ask an employee to show you their selection of the best types of bathroom flooring in stock.

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