Find Experienced HVAC Services in Lafayette and Baton Rouge LA

Whether it’s service and installation you seek for commercial HVAC in Lafayette or for industrial air conditioning in Baton Rouge, you want to know that you are working with a highly trained and well equipped staff.

Commercial HVAC in Lafayette

Working with a preferred contractor, because of their commitment to quality, timeliness and accountability, is a necessity for building owners, general contractors and design engineers. Trust in the installation of all types of HVAC piping systems, whether in a new building, retrofit or repair, is requisite. The same requirements apply to providing sheet metal ductwork construction.

Industrial Air Conditioning in Baton Rouge

Two businesses are rarely alike. Your HVAC needs may differ even from businesses with similar demands. Small businesses usually only need small AC units, while tall enclosed buildings, hospitals and other large, heat-intensive structures require complete heat and air ventilation systems.

So, when it comes to your industrial air conditioning in Baton Rouge, you want a company with technicians who understand the demands of your business. That is accomplished through experience and extensive knowledge of HVAC systems complemented with outstanding, accurate, and honest estimates.

Broad Capabilities

A company with the capability to handle large-scale commercial, military and industrial facilities HVAC requirements has the background and skills to provide exceptional service across a broad spectrum of heating and air conditioning requirements.

To find out more about Calcasieu Mechanical Contractors, Inc., or to book an estimate, visit them online at For information at their Lafayette office, call (377) 237-5577. For their Baton Rouge office, call (225) 923-6879.

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